Laundry and Lunch Backstory

The Back Story… A new customer signed up for our professional laundry pickup service about 7 months ago. He had heard from a friend about the great service and amazing results at The Clean Connection Laundry Depot. The customer turned out to be a recovering stroke victim, who had been a chef and a jazz […]

Check it Out Blue

Clean And Healthy – Laundry & Lunch!

At the Clean Connection Laundry Depot we believe in the benefits of healthy living. It’s not just how we do laundry, but also how we live our everyday lives. We believe that clean food is as important as clean clothes. Clean food means its nutritious in every way. Supporting local farmers and growers makes our […]

How Laundry Detergents Work

Detergents contain long molecules (some with and some without branches) where one end wants to attach to dirt and the other end naturally clings to the wash water.   So we get something like this: Dirty Clothes + Clean Water (+ Detergent) = Clean Clothes + Dirty Water + (chemical by-products) SURFACTANTS are the key ingredients […]