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Green Dry-Clean ConnectClick drycleaning or laundry  

Dry-cleaning         Laundry

$3-$4 per item of Dry-cleaning  $1 Per Pound of Laundry


1•Pickup/Delivery of your laundry and/or dry cleaning in 48 hours!

(24-hour and same-day service options available upon request)

Earth-Friendly Laundry Service2•Pickup at your home or workplace;

3•Earth-friendly, safe and non-toxic detergents that are as safe as can be (hypoallergenic);

We use the highest level of technology of any laundry service in the world to assist the natural process of water to clean. We accomplish an amazing laundry result that does not irritate or poison your skin or the environment. This means you get “clean” smelling clothes, not an artificially “good” smelling clothes.

4•Whiteners and fabric softeners;

5•Professional separation of your clothes

(based on fabric type, color, and soil saturation)

blue_horizontal_lineOptional Services

(For A Little More Money):

•24-hour turn-around service (instead of the usual 48 hours) for an additional $.10/pound

•Same Day Service for an additional $.20/pound.

(NOTE: your order MUST be in our facility no later than 9am for delivery by 9pm)

•Air-Dry (heatless) of your clothes for an additional $.25/pound

•Specific stain treatment for an additional $5.50/stain

(Note: For guaranteed results, you MUST know what the stain is)

•Tailoring •Minor Stitching Repairs, •Major/Minor Alterations)



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Even if you have a machine at home, you can’t beat our costs!


Here’s how the process works: 

1) Place an order, click submit and pay your $15 deposit;

2) Your order is received in the system, and a text goes out to our delivery team;

3) We send an order confirmation email or text;

4) Your laundry reaches our facility, where we weight and contact you with your total poundage and balance;

5) You pay your balance online (c.o.d. also available);

6) We deliver your clean laundry back to you in the specified time.

Complete the form below & pay online, or Call/Text your order to 973-283-5571 for c.o.d. 

click here for special rates and service categories…

Green Dry-Clean Connect  

Dry-cleaning         Laundry

$3-$4 per item of Dry-cleaning       $1 Per Pound of Laundry