Workplace Laundry Pickup


At this time, unless your company is already cooperating with The Clean Connection Laundry Depot, the only way we can pick up your laundry at your workplace is either at your car, or some other meeting location outside your building.  This means we would schedule your pickup before you sign in or during one of your breaks.



If You Represent The Company

• Employee productivity increases when dry cleaning & laundry needs are taken care of.
• Laundry services improve talent retention.
• Create an added benefit.
• Helps employees look their absolute best.

How to set-up a company account:

1. Email us at with your company’s address and number of employees.

2. Tell us whether the company is paying for service or the individual employees are paying themselves.
3. A Clean Connection Laundry Depot account manager will contact you with further details.
4. We designate a location for pick-up/drop-off, usually a closet or a corner in a kitchen or break room.

To set up call: 973-283-5571

If You Are The Employee

• Forget about your laundry worries. Now you just bring your Clean Connect Laundry bag to the office and in 24-hours your crisp clean shirts & blouses slacks and suits are back.
• Your time is put to better use focusing on your career.

How to recommend us to your employer/HR:

Simply forward a link to this page to your HR or management. We will contact you once we’ve successfully implemented the service to thank you and give you the proper credit.

Incentive for you to recommend us to your employer/HR:

If you recommend us to your employer there is an incentive for you. Once your company joins our program (allows onsite pick-up of employee laundry), you will get an entire month of laundry service for free OR up to $100 worth of laundry once 10 participants sign up!


CleanConnect@Work is the ultimate convenience when it comes to busy professional people. Imagine having a drop-off/pick-up station for laundry & dry cleaning right at your workplace! is the premier laundry service in the city of Newark, New Jersey with an easy online ordering system for laundry & dry cleaning services.  We are currently expanding our services into approved workplaces in the city of Newark, NJ. Our services can be easily made available to companies of all sizes with special pricing for companies with 10 or more office users!


We are still signing up employers for this service.

Need Dry-cleaning Pick-up?


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